This is the second in a series of posts where I want to share my experiences with building, launching and growing a my side project: dpadd - a social network and journal for gamers. You can find the first here


It's now been over two weeks since dpadd went into private beta. I have about 150 users on the site. I'd say about 25 of them are "active" (defining active as having logged in 10 or more times in the last 14 days). After the first few days, traffic declined drastically which makes sense as I stopped pushing out "Come check out this thingy I made" posts all over the internet. Am I concerned with the drop off in traffic? Absolutely not. 

I couldn't ask for a better place to be right now. Why? I've got a ton of great feedback and a small (and dare I say passionate?) user base. How passionate? Well, that core "active" user group has posted nearly 1000 updates in 14 days and written about 50 pieces of high quality feedback.

My goal now (and for the considerable future) is to gather and address feedback, then get a small number of new users into the site, then rinse and repeat. Because I don't have investors, a board, expenses (at least of any consequence) or deadlines, I'm not in any rush to gain traction. I'm free to take my time and build out the best product for my users.

I'll admit it's hard to not get a little caught up in the analytics, number likes, tweets and follows (or lack there of). But I know that I should be spending my time creating features, improving the existing ones and fostering the relationships within that core group of early adopters. This project will be a marathon, not a sprint.