I make web and mobile products.

Chimp - chimp.net

I’m the Product Manager and Design Lead at Chimp, a platform that is creating the future of charitable giving. Think of Chimp as an online bank account for charitable giving. It makes giving easy, organized and social.

My Role: Product Management, UI Design, UX Design, Front End Development

Dpadd - dpadd.com

In my spare time I design and develop DPADD. DPADD is a social network for gamers. You can share updates about what you are playing, rate and review game and manage a list of games to play.

My Role: UI/UX and Product Design, Front End Development, Back end development (Ruby on rails)


Flowbot - flowbotapp.com

Flowbot was a simple web app I designed and built to help manage various my various workflows and processes. At it’s core, it was a tool to make reusable checklists which you “check off” as you complete tasks in a workflow.

My Role: UI/UX Design, Front End Development, Back end development (Ruby on rails)

Atomic Brawl - atomicbrawl.com

Atomic Brawl is a turn based strategy game for the web and moblie. It’s being developed by Burger Function Games, a Vancouver based indie game shop. Atomic Brawl is highly addictive and free to play. 

I’m helping out with some UI and UX design.

My Role: UI / UX Design

THE OPEN - theworldopen.com

The Open is a worldwide search for the greatest photographers of our generation. Open to any one in the world, The Open was viewed by milions of people from more 150 countries in 2012.

I designed the interface and helped out with product design and distribution strategy.

My Role: UI / UX Design



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